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what is a merchant cash advance?

how does it work?

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merchant cash advance:  some key points

The advance is unsecured which means your house is not at risk

No fixed payments as you pay back through credit card sales

No interest charges so you'll know upfront how much the advance will cost

why a merchant cash advance

An attractive alternative to conventional bank loans

With traditional lenders still showing reticence when it comes to releasing funding for small to medium sized businesses, a merchant cash advance could offer an alternative, and fast source of finance to increase your company's cash flow.


If you decide to choose this method of borrowing, will search our network of institutional lenders to come up with a merchant cash advance provider, tailor-made to fit your business.  


Our unique process of matching lenders to businesses ensures you save time, and money, at what might be a busy or stressful time for you and your business.  Advantages of working with Capitalise include:

Save time  

Our extensive platform includes specialist merchant cash advance lenders so we make finding the right lender easy.


No hidden costs

You pay back a pre-agreed, small, fixed percentage each time one of your customers pays with a debit or credit card.



This could work particularly well if your business is subject to seasonality as it means in good months you pay more of the loan back, but in quieter months, you pay less.


Capitalise could ensure a lump sum payment arranged for your business within days through one of our merchant cash advance specialists.

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Frequently asked questions about Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance is a short-term facility with flexilbility of terms around 4-9 months.  Typically, a lender will get repaid by taking a small pre-agreed percentage of daily credit and debit card transactions until the funding has been paid back.  The pre-arranged percentage works alongside the ebb and flow of your daily business sales so you only pay the lender when you get paid.

In most cases, you can receive payment in as little as 48 hours from completing our online application. Once you have submitted a funding search at, we’ll match your business with those lenders most likely to give you an offer.  The lenders we work with specialise in Merchant Cash Advance so applications can be processed and approved very quickly.

You don’t really need much at all.  Most lenders we work with will ask you to provide a proof of ID, 3 months worth of bank statements and your acquirer statements.  

As a general rule, you can usually raise up to 150% of your average monthly card takings.