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What Is Property Finance?

Why Use Property Finance?

Access the financial resources needed to see your property purchase and development through from beginning to end without draining your working capital.

Raise Capital Quickly 

Whether you're buying a property at auction or a new commercial opportunity has arisen, business property finance can help you to secure capital within just a few days or weeks.

Due to the fact that they are often needed at short notice, bridging loans can be underwritten in as little as 24 hours, giving you the flexibility to confidently enter projects knowing that adequate funding is readily available.

Property Finance Tailored To Each Project

At Capitalise, we work with specialist providers of business property finance who understand that every commercial property project comes with different financial requirements and timelines.

From bridging and mezzanine loans to commercial mortgages and redevelopment finance, there are a huge number of borrowing options available to satisfy both the short and long term needs of the commercial property market.

Accessible Loans With Competitive Terms

Business property finance can be a great way to secure borrowing against a premises which doesn't yet qualify for a more traditional commercial mortgage, as well as providing rapid access to funds if a quick purchase needs to be made.

At Capitalise, our specialist lenders offer high LTV ratios which can help you and your business to secure your new property with low deposits and affordable monthly repayments.

Who Is Property Finance For?

Businesses looking for flexibility.
Businesses looking to grow.

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How Does Property Finance Work?

Bridging loans, development loans and commercial mortgages.

These types of commercial property loan are usually secured against the asset being purchased and are generally broken down into three categories – bridging loans, development loans and commercial mortgages.

Bridging loans are almost exclusively used as short-term borrowing solutions to help property developers and other businesses to raise the funds needed to purchase various types of premises.

Due to their short-term nature, they are ideal for buyers who urgently need funds to finish a development, buy a property at auction or as a temporary measure until the property qualifies for a more traditional mortgage.

Development loans aim to provide enough funds to ensure that new development projects can be undertaken and completed, with capital drawn in tranches throughout the project to save on interest costs.
They are structured to run for the term of the project and are paid back once either the property has been refinanced into a more traditional mortgage or sold on to the end user. This style of business property finance is more commonly used for larger scale developments such as office block or flat conversions.

Commercial mortgages are ideal for those who need capital specifically to facilitate the purchase, develop or refurbishment of business properties including retail units, office blocks, practices, restaurants or even pubs. You may choose to use the property as the base for your own business, or even lease it out to tenants as an investment.