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Capitalise Feb 15, 2022

Client conversations are the fuel for your advisory fire. When you talk to your clients you find out what makes them tick. You get to understand their ambitions and goals. You find out what’s keeping them awake at night. And you get to understand the goals they have their heart set on.

But how do you start these conversations? And how can you make sure these chats are helpful, productive and adding value for your clients?

Capitalise has launched a More Talk, More Action guide, packed with useful tips and conversation starters to help you refine your skills. Read on for some of the highlights from the guide that you can use to supercharge your client conversations.

Talking about people

Capitalise spoke to 500 business leaders to find out how healthy they felt going into 2022. One of the standout stats from their Get Fit For Business report was that 58% of business leaders are planning to engage with a mentor or coach in 2022.

UK business leaders are feeling optimistic about the future. But they also recognise the need for a mentor or business coach to help support them on their journey. Getting fit for business isn’t just about focusing on the numbers – clients also need support when it comes to their own health and wellbeing as a leader. The More Talk More Action guide encourages you to see yourself as a mentor for your clients. In this role r, you can help them achieve their personal ambitions and get them to open up about their own emotional state of mind.  


Talking about relationships

Your clients trust and value your advice. In fact, 66% of the business leaders Capitalise spoke to said their accountant was their most trusted source of business advice during the pandemic. When clients know they can rely on you to answer their big questions, you make yourself invaluable. 

The guide recommends talking to clients about how they manage their team and suggesting ways for keeping their people happy and engaged. Look at ways to boost growth by building better customer and supplier relationships. Go deeper with these conversations, and tailor your advice to their needs.  


Talking about numbers

Good financial management is a crucial driver of success for your clients. Business leaders  want you to demystify their complex accounts and reveal the true stories and insights in their reporting. And that’s all easier to do when you talk regularly about their finances.

Capitalise’s guide sets out a strategy for meeting your clients frequently to talk through their key numbers and metrics. Ask about their cashflow position. Discuss their credit score and what they can do to improve it. And Wwork together to build a funding strategy that gives them the money they need to grow and scale.


More Talk, More Action

Your clients know the experience and knowledge that you bring to the table. But imagine how much extra value you could offer by supercharging these client conversations. 

The More Talk, More Action guide is packed with top tips and practical conversation starters to give you the gift of the gab. Take your client conversations to the next level and reinforce your position as the go-to adviser for top-class business support.

Download the free guide today and add rocket fuel to your client conversations.

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