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Paul Surtees Nov 27, 2017

As business owners and entrepreneurs, every day we should be looking for ways to learn and improve how we work and lead. There is a way we can do this whilst on the move, in the car, on the treadmill, or, well, even whilst you’re cooking dinner….


There are thousands and thousands of them now available to listen to, many of which can help you build a better business.

Below, we’ve chosen our top five podcasts that can help any leader become a better person and grow a bigger business.


Masters of Scale

This fantastic podcast series is a must for any business leader, whether they’re heading up a team of 1 or 100. Hosted and created by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, it explores how and why some companies grow from being very small to very, very big.

Packed full of hints and tips that you can borrow and steal, Hoffman dives deep into his A-list contacts book to set up interviews with the world’s most successful founders - from Facebook’s Zuckerberg to Google’s Schmidt - who share their reasons and rules for success.

Must-listen episode:

Imperfect is perfect… With Mark Zuckerberg Founder and CEO of Facebook


The Tim Ferriss Show

Voted the number one business podcast on iTunes in 2016, this show from ultimate life-hacker and businessman, Tim Ferriss, is a must-listen for all CEOs, entrepreneurs, leaders and anyone who wants to improve their business or, indeed, their life.

In the show, Tim interviews world-class performers from a wide variety of fields, including business, investing, sport, showbusiness, politics, literature and art. Past guests includes Tony Robbins, Malcolm Gladwell, Peter Thiel, Seth Godin, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Richard Branson. An eclectic mix, I think you’ll agree, but Tim sets out to find what binds them and what made them world-class in their chosen field.

In every episode you’ll learn something that will help you in life and in business, and since Tim has been doing this podcast for a couple of years, there are hundreds of high class episodes in the archive to binge on.

Must-listen episode:

Tim meets… Sir Richard Branson — The Billionaire Maverick of the Virgin Empire


The Tropical MBA

Running your own business is hard, but there are tools and tips that can help you run a smarter, more efficient business whilst also leading a more enjoyable, flexible and productive life.

You’ll find these tools and tips here in this series of podcasts, hosted by two great guys, Dan and Ian, who go about helping you improve both your life and your business with some subtle - and some sometimes radical - changes.

This podcast focuses on showing you how you could run a business from anywhere in the world. So the theme of mobile entrepreneurship is prevalent. The podcast offers: “Personal and financial freedom through small business ownership.” This sounds pretty good to us!

Must-listen episode:

What's In A Name?


How I Built This with Guy Raz

If it’s entrepreneurial inspiration you’re after, then this podcast is the podcast for you.

In every episode, host Guy Raz tells the story of the dreamers and idealists of this world - those who made it and those who didn’t - and about the businesses that were made manifest by their dedication to ever thinking about building something great.

The show always starts at the beginning of a creative business journey and charts the business’ course through defeat and failure, via serendipity and insight, hopefully towards triumph and success.

Every single episode has business lessons to learn by the dozen, so be sure to listen to this one with a notebook and pen.

Must-listen episode:

The Story of Airbnb, with founder Joe Gebbia


TED Daily

This podcast isn’t always strictly technology or business focused, but it is always inspiring and educational.

Produced by the team behind TED - which offers 2,500 talks on almost any subject, including business and entrepreneurship - TED Daily drops a new podcast every day that gives you guidance, advice and inspiration about how best to go about living your life.

If you’re on the go, having a coffee or a walk in the park, you’ll likely learn something astonishing from TED Daily. If not, at the very least you’ll be highly entertained.

Must-listen episode:

How I Became An Entrepreneur At 66, by Paul Tasner

Listening to these podcasts won’t necessarily grow your business. You’ll also need to follow through on the advice they give you. But making these podcasts part of your daily routine will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect upon your life and business.

We’d love to hear what podcasts you’re currently into so that we can learn from them too.

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