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Level up your knowledge skills with Mastery

Find out all about our latest Learn module, Mastery. 

Phil Hobden Mar 15, 2021

To date, over 475 accountants have completed one of the Capitalise Learn courses, whether that be Core - the overview of Capitalise and Capital Advisory - through to Adviser, which takes a deeper dive into lending, underwriting and our Monitor tool. Since July last year, when Learn became CPD certified, we've issued almost 350 CPD hours to accountants who have completed the courses.   

This week we launch the final part of the Capitalise Learn series - Mastery. This time we explore how Capital Advisory can support the full business lifecycle, teaming up with our Accountant In Residence Kirsty McGregor (Founder, The Corporate Finance Network) to give you an expert industry view on these topics. 

So Kirsty, why Mastery?

The other Learn courses cover the specific products which are offered through the Capitalise platform, but we felt there was a further level of training necessary over and above this for leaders of firms. This course covers how to be the ultimate Capital Adviser. 

How did you decide upon the themes in this course?

We focused on the advice SMEs will need throughout their business’ typical lifecycle and then examined the role that their trusted adviser will play during that journey.

We then took this one step further, unpicking the skills required, specifically around how accountants should approach the topic with clients and the role that Monitor can play to support a firm's ability to provide this advice most efficiently. 

What benefits will people get from this?

This is a course unlike any I've ever seen in the general market. It goes beyond technical skills and covers those advisory areas which are more comprehensive and span a client’s whole business. 

It also includes softer skills advice, which are not often taught but which are essential. It shouldn't be assumed knowledge, and we can always learn how to become better at how we communicate with our clients. 

What's the one thing you wish you'd learnt early on in your career?

I wish I'd had the confidence to recognise that we have the knowledge and skills to have a real impact on our clients' business successes. However, sometimes we cannot share that influence effectively enough, especially if we don't realise what our clients' personal goals are first before we address their business goals. 


Capitalise Mastery is available to all our subscribed partners who have completed the Core course and can be found under the Learn section on the Capitalise Platform.

If you would like to hear more about how Capitalise could help you up-skill your team and roll out Capital Advisory in your firm – book a consultation.

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