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Got your values - now what?

Capitalise Jul 11, 2022

In our series of interviews for the Future Positive Podcast, we recently interviewed Debra Corey, HR Author and Consultant, who describes herself as a ‘Rebel’ because she wants to challenge the traditional ways companies treat their people - and so increase their retention and achieve better recruitment outcomes.

Keep reading to find out how you can bring your firm values to life. 


Living your values

Debra talks about first creating a toolkit of knowing ‘Who you are’, ‘What you do differently’ and ‘How do you treat your people’.  Most accounting firms have spent hours creating these missions and value statements and proudly list them on their websites.  However, how many live them?

 Kirsty McGregor, Accountant-in-Residence at Capitalise, recounts her experiences of working with one accounting firm recently. 

This mid-tier practice had dedicated hours of leadership time to discussing what their values should be and how they should develop their culture. They used team away days to share those statements and everyone became excited for the future. 

 However, just one month later, a recruitment advert for this same company looked like this:

We're looking for a Senior Accountant & Auditor to join our team.  Just a few of the things you’ll be doing:

  • Preparing accounts and tax returns

  • Planning and undertaking company audits

  • Building client and team relationships

  • Enjoying cake and a brew 


How are the firm’s values brought alive here?  This seemed like every other accountancy firm advert and in no way stood out, even with the cake and brew comment thrown in for good measure.

The investment the firm had made had just been wasted.  The values had been forgotten and weren’t able to be translated into the recruitment advert - one of the most important things this firm needed to nail in the current climate.

Debra talked about how creating your values is only the first step.  Living your values and ensuring they work across your company, from your recruitment, to employee recognition, to client marketing and even in the way you run your meetings, all provides authenticity.  To ensure employee retention, all your team needs to believe you are genuine. 

For more ideas and tips, listen to the full podcast here. 


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