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Capitalise for Business Pro is here!

We’re so excited to announce that Capitalise for Business Pro has launched today.

Capitalise May 03, 2022

We’re so excited to announce that Capitalise for Business Pro has launched today. Helping small businesses unlock new features to do more business with more confidence. 


From live credit data on your own score to insight on what your partners and customers credit looks like. Open the doors to more business transparency, spot businesses that might get into financial trouble ahead of time and curb any nasty surprises. 


Read on and find out the exclusive features you can now unlock by going Pro. 


What’s new with Capitalise for Business Pro?


1. Get alerts on any changes to your credit profile as soon as they happen 


Wouldn't it be nice to track the changes to your credit score as they happen? With Capitalise for Business you can get live updates to your rating, helping you to better track your score in real time and keep a close eye on your business.


You’ll get credit data powered by Experian, and alerts to any changes. Helping you stay ahead, act faster and really understand when and how your rating is impacted.


2. Company credit check whenever you need 


"Ever thought about the credit scores of the people you work with?" With Capitalise for Business Pro, you can now look at other businesses credit scores. Helping you to navigate the best paths for your business, make more informed decisions and help you reduce risk. 


See where all your customers and partners sit in the industry and stay ahead of the game.


3. See where you can improve with a specialist credit score consultation 


Sometimes business planning and insight comes from in-depth conversations to really understand the data. With 58% of business leaders planning to engage with a mentor or coach in 2022, we kept this in mind.


Using Capitalise for Business Pro you can now get a specialist credit score consultation, designed to help you better understand where your business is and help you work towards where you want it to be.


Next steps… 


All that’s left now is to see it for yourself. Capitalise for Business Pro is a great tool to help you get ahead of the curve and take true control over your business finance. And best yet, it’s all in one place.


See it for yourself, sign up now. 


Capitalise for Business Pro

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