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A deeper dive into education at Capitalise

Now CPD accredited (more ways to stack up those points), Phil Hobden takes a closer look at how each educational programme works and what's in store. 

Phil Hobden Apr 15, 2021

Last year I wrote about why education is at the heart of your partner journey here at Capitalise and I took a look at our suite of CPD education. 

A year on we’ve added even more courses to continue to support you in rolling out Capital Advisory in your firm and helping your SMEs grow healthy, sustainable balance sheets. 

Core Certification - 2 CPD hours

Our Core Certification is your first step into the world of funding and to Capitalise. With access to the platform, your Partnership Manager or support team will run you through how it all works. 

With the Core Certification, you'll develop an understanding of the funding basics. It touches on how to approach your clients, and then how you use the platform to create your first search. Additionally, you'll learn how SMEs work (and how to approach funding in conversations), how banking has changed and how this has impacted your client relationships – you could be considered, after all, their new finance relationship manager.

The modules give an oversight as to what funding is available, how the industry works and what can and can't be funded. You'll then be able to put this into practice and use the Capitalise.com platform.

Enablement Training - Up to 2.5 CPD hours

Once you've completed your Core Certification, the next step on your journey is either our Pro-Launch or Digital Enablement training (Partner & Starter firms), depending on your subscription. Designed to give you a more in-depth overview of how funding works, these sessions are delivered either in person or via Zoom.    

The session's objectives include taking a closer look at the way SMEs approach finance and how banking has changed. The course breaks down the funding solutions that are available to your clients (including the different types of lenders and quantums of lending), how it works and what can and can't be funded. Afterwards, you'll be armed with everything you need to introduce funding as a service within your practice.  


Book a consultation to find out how this could work for your firm.


Adviser Certification - 3 CPD hours

So you've completed the Core Certification and attended one of our Live sessions. What's next? Welcome to your Adviser Certification!

The Adviser Certification gives you a much more advanced understanding of what underwriters and lenders look for, and the level of detail needed by each application. You'll learn how to review your portfolio to better support your SME clients in accessing capital, meaning you'll be able to spot business growth opportunities and discuss these with clients. This course offers a full 360 overview of the lending products available to support your clients, with case studies and real-life examples to help it all sink in.  

In short, once you've completed the Adviser Course, you'll be confident in talking funding with almost all of your SME clients.

Mastery Certification - 3.5 CPD hours

The final part of our Learn series is Mastery. Focusing on the advice SMEs will need throughout their business' typical lifecycle, Mastery also takes a much deeper look at the role and the impact that their trusted adviser will play during that journey.

Building on this we unpick the skills required, specifically around how accountants should approach the topic with clients and the role that Capitalise Monitor can play to support a firm's ability to provide this advice most efficiently.

Going beyond technical skills, Mastery covers those advisory areas which are more comprehensive and spain a client's whole business with support around softer skills advice, which are often not taught but are essential.


Capital Advisory Workshop - 1 CPD hour

The Capital Advisory workshop is designed to support your client managers that will be integral in driving Capital Advisory conversations across your firm.

From an overview of Capitalise and what Capital Advisory is (including a look at how to Raise, Recover & Protect client capital), this practical hour long workshop runs through a series of case studies to aid your team's confidence in having conversations with your clients.


Lunch & Learn - 1 CPD hour         

Our Lunch & Learn course is designed to upskill your entire client facing team around the Capitalise platform, what it can offer and how they should work alongside your new funding team to ensure clients are accessing the capital they need.

Your team will learn about Capitalise and gain an insight into why this partnership is beneficial to both your firm and clients. The session will run through how your firm's Capital Advisory team operates and their role in supporting SME clients with access to finance. 


The following educational features are all available across all our subscription plans...

This overview is just the beginning! As we continue to develop our services and platform, we'll be adding more educational resources to support you in aiding your clients around their capital needs. To find out more and to begin your educational journey with Capitalise, book in some time for a chat

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