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6 Months of Forecasting, on Capitalise

Join our Capitaliser programme to benefit from using Forecasting and Capitalise together.

Ollie Maitland Nov 01, 2018

Forecasting + Funding

As an adviser-led funding platform, we see cash flow forecasting as a cornerstone service for accountants and advisers to help clients plan their cash flow need.

Whether or not you aspire to increase your advisory revenue or despise the word - helping your small business clients unlock their vision will undeniably improve your clients business and your own.

Capitalise has partnered with Futrli and Spotlight Reporting to support the accountants of the UK to explore how forecasting and funding are cornerstone services for accountants. Forecasting enables you and your clients to plan and project into the future, whilst funding is one of the elements which can help make that future a reality.

So, if you source funding for two of your clients you will receive 6 months of forecasting on us.*

Want to learn more?

Join our Live Sessions with Futrli

Join our live session on 5th February at 3pm with Ollie Maitland, Co-founder of Capitalise; Hannah Dawson, CEO of Futrli and Alan Woods, Managing Director of Woods Squared to explore how funding and forecasting can help your small business clients get to the next stage of their vision.

Join our Live Session with Spotlight Reporting 

Great budgeting and cash flow forecasting can mean the difference between business success and failure. Join us on 21st February 10.30am with Paul Surtees, Co-founder of Capitalise and Richard Francis, CEO of Spotlight Reporting, to explore how you can leverage forecasting and boost client funding using Spotlight Reporting's award-winning tools.

* Terms and Conditions

  • 6 months free of the starter package for up to 20 clients.
  • If you are an existing forecasting client we will pay for training and certification for 8 staff.
  • You must opt in to the offering.
  • You must get two clients funded via Capitalise by the 31st March 2019 
  • Clients must be introduced between 1st November 2018 through to 31st March 2019.
  • Your accounting firm must have a turnover of less than £5mio per year.

Opt into the offer!

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Can't make the Live Session?

Why not book a demo with Capitalise to see how we can help fund your clients. 


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