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what do we offer

Whether you need a helping hand taking care of the day to day running costs of your business or wish to accelerate the growth of your customer base, we can help to match your organisation with lenders who will offer the best possible chance of acceptance.

  • From furniture and cooking appliances to electrical equipment and vehicles, our lenders offer a highly competitive selection of hire purchase, leasing and refinancing options to give your business quick access to the equipment it needs. Asset finance removes the inconvenience of large upfront costs,  helping to protect your business from cash flow shortages.

  • If your business has a proven track record of taking card payments from customers then consider a merchant cash advance. As well as being able to access much needed capital in a matter of days, repayments are made each time a customer pays you with a debit or credit card. It can be a great option for SMEs who don't wish to be tied into fixed monthly repayments.

  • The day to day running costs of your business can soon add up, particularly if you've been investing money elsewhere in your organisation. Working capital finance is a flexible, multi-purpose lending option which can be used for almost any business expense including staff wages, utility bills and premises rental.

  • Owning a property outright within the leisure industry can not only provide a fantastic asset for the business but can also help to reduce your monthly outgoings. UK businesses often find that monthly mortgage repayments are significantly cheaper than renting a property, but the vast majority of companies simply don't have the capital to fund an outright property purchase. Property finance can help you to overcome this obstacle by providing funding to help support your commercial property purchase, a new development project or essential building refurbishments.

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Capitalise allows you to make multiple, simultaneous applications to lenders who fit the borrowing requirements of your business.

We will only match you with lenders who have a proven track record funding within your sector, so you'll not only get access to the funds you need but will also have an experienced partner who can help you along the way.  

how it works

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