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Whether you're upgrading existing equipment and services or need an injection of capital to ease the burden of day to day running costs, Capitalise can help you to keep your business on track with a range of borrowing options. 

Our intuitive loan matching system takes a detailed look at your business and its financial requirements before matching you with suitable lenders from across the UK.


  • Pharmaceutical equipment can be expensive at the best of times and having to pay for new facilities in full can put a big dent in your working capital. Asset finance is a great way to avoid a large initial expense by spreading the cost of your new equipment over a term that can help to make these purchases more affordable.

  • A merchant cash advance can provide an ideal financial buffer to pharmacies thanks to the number of credit card transactions made in-store. They offer quick access to capital which can be used for almost any business purpose, and the money borrowed is repaid each time a card payment is made.

  • Keeping on top of the day to day running costs of your business can be tricky at the best of times, particularly given the peaks and troughs of the current financial climate. Working capital finance is provided to cover everything from staff wages and stock to utility bills and rent payments, and can prove to be a valuable resource for both growing businesses and those experiencing a dip in revenue.

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