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Get rapid access to much needed finance with a fast business loan.

What Is Fast Business Finance?

Fast business finance

Why Use Fast Business Finance?

Receive funding within 24 hours to boost your business financing

Lightning Fast Underwriting & ApprovalĀ 

Fast business finance applications can often be underwritten and approved on the very same day that the initial application is made. Rather than having to wait weeks or even months for a decision, successful applicants could find much needed capital transferred to their business bank accounts within a matter of hours.

Online Applications

To ensure a fast application process, simultaneous applications can be submitted to multiple lenders  through your Capitalise profile with progress notifications sent to you every step of the way.

Industry Expertise

By working with an expert lender who understands your industry, you'll benefit from their years of experience assessing similar applications from businesses just like yours. As well as receiving a quick turnaround on your loan, they'll be able to help answer any questions you may have about the suitability of each product on offer

Who Is Fast Business Financing For?


With fast business loans, you'll be able to apply for funds in exactly the same way as a more traditional financing option, however by choosing the right lender, these loans can often be underwritten and approved in just a few hours.

Once you've created your Capitalise profile, you'll be able to apply for a fixed lump sum from mainstream and independent lenders across the South Africa. They'll quickly and thoroughly assess the purpose of the loan along with key financial information on your revenues, trading history, loan affordability and creditworthiness.

Funds will be transferred straight to your business bank account, ensuring that you have access to capital which can help your business to take the next step in its growth or address a sudden financial concern.

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