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Capitalise Mar 02, 2022

What is the Capital Report? 

Capital Report is a shareable feature designed to bring all your clients insights together in one, easy to navigate place. Read on for a look at the features of the report and the benefits it can bring to your firm and your clients. 


Benefits of the Capital Report 


1. Prepare for meetings in minutes

The Capital Report connects to your client’s accounting software to give you all the talking points and data you need for your client meetings in an instant. You’ll still provide the unique tailored approach that your clients deserve, but save time on pre-meeting preparation. 


2. Spot risks and opportunities

Our new filter option in Monitor enables you to get a much easier look at the key needs and opportunities across your whole client portfolio. All at once. On the side-panel filter option, you’ll be able to filter out clients with opportunities such as ‘poor liquidity’ or insufficient cash’. This allows you to prep and prepare client meetings much more efficiently. It’ll also allows you to spot risks before they become a threat.

3. Share directly with clients

Our sharing feature means you can now share a live version of the report with your clients, giving them greater insight, control and understanding of their business finance too. Use your client’s Capital Report to enhance conversations. Share it with them, point out cashflow trends, highlight overdue payments, review business performance numbers and invite them to track their credit score for free.


Features of the Capital Report 

  1. Business performance - Giving you and your client a clear overview of their most important business information. Here you can view all their client data through your cloud accounting software including: revenue,profit before tax and net profit.  profit before tax and net profit. 


  1. Credit information - Powered by Experian data, here you can see your client’s credit score and risk factors. Clearly highlighted are their score, borrowing limit and how many searches have been carried out in the last 12 months. 

  1. Credit risk factors - This is where you can identify the criteria that credit bureaus have used to calculate your client’s credit score. In the Capital Report you can see positive, negative and neutral indicators which may be impacting your client’s credit score. This provides the perfect opportunity to be proactive in offering credit improvement advice. 


  1. Payment performance - Gain a deeper understanding of how your client’s company performs when making payments to suppliers.You can even benchmark this against their industry average to see how they compare. 


  1. Cash and Capital - One of the most important sections of the report. Here, you can evaluate their current capital position to see if they can cover their short-term liabilities. The report breaks down the risks and opportunities available to the client as well as helpful suggestions on what the next steps could be. 

  1. Existing facilities - This section can be a great conversation starter with your client as you can see all of their current credit lines and banking facilities. Is there an opportunity to refinance at a cheaper rate?


  1. Customer payments overdue - Use the insights from this section to unlock tied up cash in your clients debtor books. The Capital Report can identify which of your clients has payments that are overdue and by how many days. 


  1. Legal notices - Here you’ll find County Court Judgements registered against your clients, if any. This is fundamental as legal notices can have a negative impact on their business credit score. 


So, what’s the next step? 

We’re excited to say that Capital Report is now live! Why not log in to the platform and see the Capital Report for yourself? Your Partnership Manager would be delighted to share some of the incredible insights it can bring to your clients. 

New to Capitalise? Speak to a member of our team and they’d be happy to share with you a demo of the Capital report. 


Call: 020 9700 5965 

Email: Ask@capitlise.com


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