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Our carefully selected panel of specialist hospitality lenders provide a wide range of lending options which can be implemented at almost every juncture of your business. 

  • Almost every hotel and hospitality operator accepts card payments these days and, if you fall into this bracket, you may be eligible for a merchant cash advance. Borrow a lump sum upfront and repay a small percentage of the balance each time you take a payment through your card reader. It's a great option for hotel businesses which experience seasonal peaks and troughs in revenue, ensuring that you aren't tied to fixed monthly repayments.

  • Whether you're looking to expand your workforce, take on a new refurbishment project or simply need a hand covering your day to day running costs, it may well be worth considering working capital finance. These multi-purpose loans can be used almost anywhere within your business with repayment terms structured around your existing and projected cash flow.

  • Owning your own hotel outright comes with a myriad of financial and commercial advantages, however it isn't always feasible to fund these purchases from your existing bank balance. Property finance can be used to facilitate the purchase, expansion or development of new and existing hotels.

  • From upgrading fixtures and fittings throughout your rooms to purchasing new equipment for your kitchen and bar, asset finance can help to significantly reduce the immediate financial impact of acquiring these assets. A range of hire purchase and leasing options are available which will see you either renting the equipment directly from your lender, or buying the asset outright with payments spread over a convenient term.

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It takes as little as 3 minutes to create your Capitalise profile and you'll then be able to submit multiple applications simultaneously to mainstream and independent lenders across the UK who meet your borrowing requirements. 
You'll be able to manage all of your applications from one central hub, from uploading supporting documentation to receiving formal decision letters online.