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Whether you need financial support when it comes to placing a new order with a supplier or simply need some additional working capital to take care of the day to day running costs of your fashion business, we have a huge range of borrowing options available.

  • Need to purchase additional machinery or equipment for your business? Asset finance removes the burden of hefty upfront fees by allowing you to spread the cost of new purchases over a convenient number of months or years. If you'd rather avoid the responsibilities of full ownership, then options are also available to lease these key assets.

  • Particularly for SMEs within the fashion industry, waiting months for invoices to be settled can severely inhibit growth. Invoice discounting and invoice factoring can help your business to advance capital from these raised invoices almost immediately, as well as taking on credit control and sales ledger management duties should you wish.

  • Whether you're involved in the retail, manufacturing or distribution of fashion goods, if you take regular payments through a card terminal then consider a merchant cash advance. You'll be able to borrow a lump sum of your choosing which is repaid in part each time a customer makes a payment by debit or credit card, offering affordable repayments that overcome the issue of seasonal fluctuations in revenue.

  • When it comes to manufacturing new clothes, it's essential that you find a supplier that can help bring the best out of your vision, however this can sometimes mean having to spend a little more than you're traditionally used to. With trade finance, our lenders will pay your suppliers on your behalf with the loan secured against finished goods and purchase orders.

  • From premises rental and utility bills to staff wages and stock, working capital finance can be used to take care of the day to day running costs of your business. These flexible, accessible loans are ideal for businesses who need quick access to capital which can be used throughout your organisation.

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