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With an ever-growing selection of specialist lenders on offer, we can help your business to achieve its business goals through a range of asset finance, working capital finance and invoice finance options available.

Whether you need to fund the training of staff to meet the evolving demands of the industry or simply need some extra working capital to keep things ticking over, our lenders can help to create a tailored solution which fits in with your business goals.

  • The large upfront costs of buying new vehicles, cleaning tools, security equipment and machinery can place a heavy burden on cash flow. Our lenders offer an extensive range of asset finance options including hire purchase, leasing and refinancing which can help to spread the costs of these purchases over a convenient period and drive immediate growth within your business.

  • Generous invoice payment terms are part and parcel of today's business services industry but waiting for these to be paid and chasing up late payments can be both time consuming and stressful. Our invoice finance partners can help you to access up to 95% of your raised invoices in as little as 24 hours, stabilising your cash flow and allowing you to focus your efforts elsewhere within your business.

  • Maintaining a steady level of working capital is one of the biggest challenges faced by SMEs within the facilities management sector. Working capital finance is a flexible, multi-purpose solution designed to give you the freedom to cover almost any day to day business expense, from staff wages and stock purchase to utility bills and premises rental.

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