Who are Just Cashflow?

Just Cashflow is a responsible, specialist lender which has helped hundreds of SMEs from across the UK to source the working capital needed to grow.

Their funding solutions are an invaluable resource for businesses looking to stabilise cash flow and as a direct, independent lender, they have the flexibility to assess each customer on their own individual merits.

Just Cashflow products and sectors

Just Cashflow has been created to offer SMEs accessible, affordable working capital loans as well as helping to bridge unforeseen cashflow gaps which can hinder business growth. Their experiences lending to a diverse range of industries has seen them working with businesses in automotive, agriculture, import/export, IT servicessecurity and beyond. Just Cashflow's revolving cash facility can be used for almost any business purpose. Whether you need support covering day to day costs such as staff wages and utility bills or have more ambitious plans for your funds such as premises expansion or new stock, each working capital loan can be tailored to suit. Funds can be lent against a number of common assets including invoices, balance sheets, commercial premises or even machinery, helping to drive down the cost of borrowing and increase your chances of acceptance. 

Just Cashflow key benefits

The multi-industry experts at Just Cashflow offer their working capital finance packages with daily interest rates attached. The major advantage of this pricing structure is that you'll only pay interest whilst your loan is outstanding– the quicker it's repaid, the lower the overall fees. With no long term commitments and funds available almost immediately, they're a great choice for SMEs looking to smooth out the peaks and troughs of cashflow.

Compare Just Cashflow and other lenders instantly

Compare Just Cashflow with an ever growing range of reputable lending partners at Capitalise.com. You can set up your business profile in as little as 3 minutes and we'll be able to match your business with partners who bring a wealth of experience lending to your specific sector. Through your online profile, you'll be able to make simultaneous applications to multiple lenders, giving you the freedom to concentrate your efforts on growing your business.

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