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Who is Cubefunder?

Cubefunder assists businesses in turning ambitions into reality by providing flexible financial support for varied ventures. Their business loans come with adjustable repayment options to meet the needs of each business. 

Cubefunder’s vision is to help businesses grow sustainably and strategically through responsible lending. By combining advanced technology with personal insights, they ensure fast and customised lending decisions, evaluating businesses as a whole rather than solely on credit scores.

What financial products does Cubefunder provide?

Cubefunder offers a number of different products, here's an overview of each of them: 


Short term business loans

Cubefunder's short term business loans come with a flexible repayment plan tailored for your business. They offer a straightforward fixed cost of credit without confusing APR, and there are no late payment or early repayment fees. 

Cubefunder lends to businesses in any sector but does not lend to pre-revenue startups. To be eligible, businesses must provide at least 3 months of revenue shown in business bank statements and have a minimum turnover of £4,000 per month.

E-Commerce loans

Cubefunder provides e-commerce business loans tailored to the needs of online sellers, They offer:

  • eBay seller business loans
  • Amazon seller business loans
  • Etsy business loans
  • Shopify business loans

To be eligible for e-commerce loans, businesses need a minimum turnover of £15,000 per month, and the maximum loan amount is £30,000.

Unsecured business loans

Unsecured business loans from Cubefunder provide the flexibility needed for business growth and unexpected expenses without the need for collateral. They combine technology and a personal touch to evaluate the full picture of your business. Through Open Banking, they make the sharing of business bank transaction data fast, secure, and simple. A credit check is required, but lending decisions are not solely based on your business credit score. Cubefunder will speak with you directly to understand your business better.

What do you need to be eligible to apply for a loan with Cubefunder?

  • 3 months trading history 
  • At least £4,000 turnover a month 
  • Limited company in England or Wales

What documents do you need to provide to Cubefunder?

To apply for a loan with Cubefunder, you need to provide the last 90 days of business banking transactions. The quickest way to do this is via secure Open Banking technology through If Open Banking is not available for your bank, PDF copies of the transactions can be accepted.

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