Creative Capital products and sectors

Creative Capital have built an excellent reputation for delivering financing options which are tailored to the needs of small and medium businesses. Their extensive lending background has seen them supporting a diverse selection of industries including construction, healthcare, import/export, retail and much, much more. Creative Capital's invoice discounting service allows you to quickly and easily advance up to 80% of your outstanding customer invoices with the remaining balance paid to you, minus fees, once it has been settled. Trade finance from Creative Capital can help to support the purchase of new stock from both national and international suppliers. They can fund up to 100% of the purchase order, giving you access to the supplies needed to fulfil your orders.

Creative Capital key benefits

Creative Capital brings local service to national businesses up and down the country. Their trade finance option is unique in that they'll not only finance your immediate orders, but any similar ones which crop up in the following 12 months. Bad debt protection is available with each invoice finance package, ensuring that you won't be held liable for your advances if the customer fails to pay. With no minimum fees or usage requirements, you can use the invoice discounting facility on a pay as you go basis to suit the evolving needs of your business.

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