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Embedded finance: the rocket fuel your business platform needs

Help your customers do more, within your platform.

Oliver Cummings Feb 08, 2022

Wondering how to make your business platform more sticky – not just driving customers in but also keeping their attention? The trick is to become a single place where your customers can go to fulfill multiple needs. 

The attention of a small business leader is understandably divided – there’s a million things to do and up to seven different business platforms they’re using to do them. They’re on your platform ticking off tasks but they’re also thinking strategically about the next phase and how to succeed long into the future. 

With embedded finance, you can enhance the services your customers use today by enabling them to do the things they want to do tomorrow. You’ll not only enable customers to run day-to-day operations but also help them take that next step towards a successful future.

Business finance at the point of need

The warpspeed growth of technology and its presence in almost every aspect of daily life has given rise to a new generation of small business. They’re using technology to make running day-to-day operations easier, more efficient, productive and effective. They’ve come to expect much faster, more tailored services that they can access at the point of need. Their expectations are no different when it comes to business finance.

There will likely be a point in your platform’s customer journey where a business will discover that they need funding or to improve their financial health. Some common points of need include:

  • Paying a bill
  • Agreeing a project forecast
  • Winning a new tender
  • Seeing growth in revenue
  • Increasing advertising spend
  • Hiring additional staff

Through our Capitalise API, you can enable your customers to access funding or credit services as soon as this need arises – following prompts from directly within your platform. This connection between your platform and ours will unlock better fit funding from a panel of over 100 carefully selected lenders as well credit score insights powered by Experian. Your customers can navigate seamlessly to a view of all their key financial health data directly from your platform so they can understand and improve their position.

Offering embedded finance at the point of need is an opportunity to widen your services, increase your value to customers and ultimately increase the stickiness of your platform. 

Why partner with Capitalise

We believe that every business deserves an equal chance of success. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to give small businesses transparency and control over their finances.

We also believe in the power of collaboration, working with accountants and strategic partners since day one. Together, we can strengthen your customer relationships, enhance your services and make finance clearer for small businesses – with as little as a single line of code. 

Get in touch today to discuss embedded finance through our Capitalise API; the rocket fuel that could propel your platform to the next level.


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