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Our journey to launching in South Africa

We’ve launched in South Africa to help you and your clients discover a healthier way to do business..

Capitalise Feb 02, 2022


Alex, our Head of Revenue, is already a familiar face to many having moved to South Africa a few years ago. He’s been speaking to accountants across the country about getting transparency and control over business finance, in one place. 

Learn about Alex's journey to Capitalise, what he’s been up to and how he can help you build out your accountancy firm to better serve your clients. 

Alex’s Capitalise mission to make business finance clearer

Alex has worked with accountants in South Africa for over seven years. Learning, absorbing and helping them to transition their businesses from spreadsheets to accounting platforms.

Alex knew this was only the tip of the iceberg of what he could provide you and your clients. He became passionate about moving accountants past these initial development stages and towards deepening client relationships and truly making a difference. 

He explains, “When I moved to South Africa, I knew the accounting industry was ready for a revolution. 

Initially my role was to help accountants with faster, more efficient bookkeeping but now I’m focused on getting them past these initial stages of change  

For me, stage one involves moving off your spreadsheets onto intelligent platforms. Stage two was about helping you work better on these new systems. And then stage three is where Capitalise comes in, helping you spend more time deepening relationships with clients and delivering advisory services."

Alex joined Capitalise to help us on our mission to make business finance clearer, building relationships with lenders specifically selected to cater to your clients’ varied needs. The aim has always been to open the doors for you through a wide range of lending opportunities and products.

Alex explains “Capitalise is all about using the tools and systems to allow you to spend more time actually deepening relationships, focusing on advisory services and delivering on the kind of promise that everybody puts into the ecosystem”. 

“We’re here to give accounting firms the information they need to help their clients make the best decisions at what may be at a critical time”. 

We’ll help you access the right data, understand how to interpret it and know how to advise your clients so they can build healthier businesses, grow and succeed. 

Alex adds “that’s more important than ever looking back at the last 18 months”.

Where are we now and where do you fit in?

Despite small businesses being such an important part of the economy, they're underserved in South Africa and there's a real funding gap that needs to be addressed. We’re working to close that gap by giving you easier access to better fit funding for your clients. 

Alex explains that “Small businesses contribute huge amounts to the country’s GDP as well as labour and employment numbers. I genuinely believe we’re going to see an economic recovery in South Africa. And it will be driven by small businesses”

Every business deserves an equal chance of success, and you can play a key role in that commitment to your clients. That’s why we’ve been tailoring our expertise and services to South Africa, giving you access to a wide range of Capitalise tools including, Monitor which:

  • Connects you to your clients’ data to spot cashflow risks and funding opportunities.
  • Gives you a single place to track all your client portfolios.
  • Provides on-the-go business health reports for your client meetings. 
  • Gives you real-time insights pulled from cloud accounting software and credit reference agencies so you can start having those all-important conversations about next steps. 

As we continue to grow in South Africa, we’re partnering with more accounting firms who are embracing this move to cloud technology anda focus on building their clients’ financial health. Whether you’re already speaking to your clients about business finance, or you’ve only just started thinking about expanding your services.

We may be new to South Africa but our global team has combined expertise and experience across numerous sectors including fintech, banking, accounting and lending. And this has been built on over the 5 years we’ve operated in the UK.

“I always put it out there to ask questions and lean your software providers. At Capitalise, we’re speaking to thousands of accountants every single month, all of whom are asking the same questions. That’s why our team of experts in the accounting and business funding are here to support you and your clients.” says Alex.

To find out more about Capitalise in South Africa, call us +27872500560 or click here to book a time to speak to the team.


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