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Capital Advisory guide

Ollie Maitland Feb 26, 2020

Free Guide: Discover more opportunities for your practice by protecting and growing your clients’ capital

Which came first - the business or the balance sheet? 

Well, according to David Graeber’s fantastic anthropological journey about the origins of money - it would be the balance sheet. David argues, compellingly, about the origins of money being “debt” - from IOUs -  rather than the financial systems originating from money. For those interested, he is (was, sadly) a founding thinker of the Occupy Movement and asks important provocative questions about modern monetary policy - so we highly recommend it as a read.

While we may debate about which financial statement offers the highest value at which time, surely we can all agree that the capital position of a company is crucial to their success?

Capitalise.com is founded on this belief that businesses need advice on this journey and that there is no-one better placed than accountants in their business advisory role.

Capital advisory as a service line

Capital advisory is about going beyond the numbers and helping your clients get their balance sheet match fit. Build strength and resilience in your clients’ businesses by helping them raise, recover and protect their capital - all through one platform.

With 90% of accounting firms naming business advisory as a top strategic priority [Capitalise, August 2020] yet the majority identifying time as a key challenge in making it a success, we’ve put together a guide to share on shortcuts on getting set-up.

Doing Capital Advisory the easy way

We’ve put together a guide which shares tips, facts and checklists on how to build a capital advisory function in your practice. 

It’s free to access and so dive right in:

Download Capital Advisory guide

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