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Alternative business funding.

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What Is Alternative Business Lending?

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alternative business financing

Why Use Alternative Business Lending?

Get a tailored financial solution from a lender who understands your industry.

Expert, Independent Underwriting

Alternative business financing tends to move away from the 'computer says no' attitude of mainstream lenders, offering greater flexibility when it comes to underwriting and assessing each case on its individual merits rather than a strict computer algorithm.

Innovative, Industry-Specific Products

Niche lenders will usually operate within a very specific field of alternative business lending, so rather than trying to offer a myriad of different products to every possible sector, they'll usually specialise with just a handful of products, carefully targeted at specific industries.

Bespoke Solutions

By working with a finance partner who has direct experience lending to businesses just like yours, you'll be able to create a borrowing solution that can help your business to grow without putting a strain on cash flow.

Who Is Alternative Business Lending For?

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How Does Alternative Business Lending Work?

Alternative finance lenders exist for almost every UK industry meaning that there's a great chance we'll be able to match your business with an experienced partner who can help your company to grow.

Alternative business funding covers a broad spectrum of lending options including, but not limited to:

These lenders are typically able to provide funding through privately invested capital or peer-to-peer lending. Both options will offer careful underwriting which takes into account the unique facets and projections of your business, however with peer-to-peer lending you'll be backed by a range of investors rather than a single entity.

You'll be able to access a huge range of customer support options before, during and after your financing has been accepted, plus many of these alternative providers allow you to manage your account online 24 hours a day.

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