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What Is Peer to Peer Business Lending?

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Why Use Peer to Peer Business Lending?

More and more businesses are turning to P2P business loans when it comes to securing additional working capital.

Highly Competitive Interest Rates

Pay back less each month than with traditional, direct lenders by using peer to peer business lending  to access some of the most competitive rates to be found anywhere online.

By cutting out the middle man and instead borrowing from willing, experienced investors, you'll be able to secure a more favourable interest rate on your repayments, lowering the overall cost of the loan.

Reduced Complexity

Engaging with a P2P business loans service is often far quicker and easier than when applying to traditional banks and high street lenders. With the vast majority of services offering online acceptance within a matter of days, you'll be able to focus on growing your business rather than chasing up multiple applications.

Flexible Borrowing Terms

Whether you need a loan to tide you over the next few months or an affordable repayment plan spread over a number of years, peer to peer business lending offers a myriad of flexible terms to suit budgets of all shapes and sizes.

Who Is Peer to Peer Lending For?

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How Does Peer to Peer Lending Work?

P2P business loans can be used to finance almost any part of your business with most providers typically following this roadmap:

Apply Online

Complete an online application with and we'll match your requirements with suitable peer to peer business lending partners. You'll be able to make multiple applications to different lenders through your Capitalise profile.


Your initial applications will be underwritten by your chosen P2P lenders and you'll be informed of their decision within a few working days. They'll assess your creditworthiness and business type before the investment is offered to their community of individual lenders.

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