TradeRiver products & sectors

TradeRiver is an ideal finance partner for any business looking to secure additional funding to help support purchases from national and international suppliers. Their expert underwriting and customer service teams work hand in hand with your business to understand its unique financial challenges, as well as providing a central online hub from which you can manage your supplier payments. With a proven track record providing trade finance solutions to a range of industries including agriculture, automotive, leisure, IT services, property, recruitment and more, they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge funding businesses just like yours. As long as your business has been trading for a minimum of 2 years and can prove its creditworthiness, you could have access to a revolving credit line which can be used to fund any of your registered suppliers, with repayment terms available from 30 to 120 days.

TradeRiver key benefits

Once your business has been approved, you'll have full access to the TradeRiver online system from which you can manage an unlimited number of payments to suppliers up to your agreed credit limit. This is an invaluable resource which can help you to avoid taking on unfavourable credit facilities with your suppliers as you'll be able to make purchases in the same way as any other cash buyer. They are also one of the few trade finance and working capital finance partners who can offer these funds on both speculative and confirmed purchase orders.

Compare TradeRiver and other lenders instantly

Take advantage of lightning quick trade finance payments and other working capital options by comparing TradeRiver with a wide range of UK based lending partners. It takes just 3 minutes to complete your Capitalise profile and we'll then be able to match your business with lenders who have a deep understanding of the unique demands of your sector, as well as allowing you to make simultaneous applications at the click of a button.

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