Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance products & sectors

Lloyds actively employ a huge range of industry-specific financing specialists to help provide the knowledge needed to help businesses maximise growth through tailored funding packages. Over the past 40 years, they've worked with SMEs and established companies within construction, distribution, haulage, recruitment, trade, transportation, wholesale, manufacturing and beyond. With invoice discounting, you'll be able to advance up to 90% of your raised invoices within as little 24 hours, helping your business to overcome the cashflow gaps that can occur due to lengthy invoice repayment terms or late payments. You'll retain complete control over your sales ledger and the entire process will remain confidential from your customers. For many businesses, credit control and sales ledger management can be both time consuming and resource draining which is why their invoice factoring solution has proved so popular. Lloyds will take over these tasks in a professional and efficient way, liaising directly with your customers to chase up payments and credit check new clients on your behalf. If you'd prefer to secure borrowing against your business premises rather than invoices then asset based lending may well be the answer. If you've got equity in your warehouse, offices or other buildings then Lloyds can offer a range of flexible loans to help with growth, company restructuring, management buyouts and more.

Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance key benefits

Lloyds are so confident in their invoice factoring and invoice discounting services that they offer a unique money back guarantee which promises to refund all service fees should you not be completely satisfied after 6 months. As well as offering round the clock support online and by telephone, you can speak to their specialist advisers face to face at any of the 2,000+ branches located throughout the UK. With property finance, you'll find that your business will be able to raise significantly higher levels of capital than with a traditional business loan without having to sacrifice equity.

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