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Any small business owner will understand the difficulties that come with trying to maintain a steady, consistent cash flow throughout the year. The peaks and troughs in revenue can make it tricky trying to stay on top of fixed monthly repayments, which is why Liberis has developed a cash advance product that is repaid each time your customers pay by debit or credit card. If business is thriving, you'll pay your loan back quicker, however if you find your business going through a quiet spell, your repayments will reduce accordingly. From haulage and healthcare to retail and recruitment, Liberis employs industry experts to ensure that their customers have ongoing access to staff who understand the demands of each sector.

Liberis key benefits

Liberis offers a fast and cost effective way for businesses to attract the funding needed to catalyse business growth. Since any lending decision is based purely on the last 4 – 12 months of received card payments, you won't even need to submit company accounts as part of your application.

All cash is lent on an unsecured basis meaning that your home, business premises or other assets won’t be used as security to obtain the loan. They'll also be able to offer you a decision within 24 hours meaning that funds could be in your account just a few days after applying.

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