GapCap products and sectors

The experienced team at GapCap takes a common sense approach to commercial lending. Their invoice discounting services can help your business to overcome the common cashflow difficulties caused by lengthy invoice repayment terms. With invoice discounting, you'll be able to advance up to 85% of the face value of your outstanding customer invoices, with underwriting decisions made in as little as one hour. Whether you need to settle a VAT or HMRC bill, pay staff wages, or simply need immediate access to working capital to facilitate the completion of your next project, GapCap can help your business to stabilise its cash flow. GapCap has worked across a broad spectrum of industries from automotive, agriculture and construction to finance, recruitment and security, giving you the peace of mind that your invoice financing will be handled by a professional who understands your business. 

GapCap key benefits

The invoice financing services provided by GapCap are tailored around the needs of their SME customers. With no long term contracts, hidden costs or exit charges, it's a truly 'pay as you go' service which will provide your business with the finance it needs, only when it needs it. Funding decisions can be made in just one hour, giving you the freedom to advance cash from your invoices if any unforeseen emergencies arise.

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Compare GapCap today against our specialist panel of invoice financing lenders by completing your online profile at No matter what industry you trade in, we'll be able to match your business with finance partners who not only fund directly to your sector, but offer an excellent chance of acceptance at some of the most affordable rates around.

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