Catalyst Business Finance products and sectors 

Catalyst Business Finance has helped hundreds of companies to instantly access funds from raised invoices rather than seeing cash flow restricted by lengthy, inconvenient repayment terms. Their selective invoice financing product can provide your business with an advance of up to 80% of each invoice's face value with the rest payable, minus a small fee, once the invoice is settled by your customer. With staff coming primarily from a business background rather than a banking one, they have the tools and experience to create affordable, accessible packages for businesses across a diverse range of industries including automotive, construction, financial services, recruitment, security and much, much more.

Catalyst Business Finance key benefits 

Catalyst Business Finance understands the cash flow challenges faced by SMEs and takes a unique approach to lending via their 'pay as you go' product. With many invoice discounting products insisting on long, unwanted contracts, Catalyst will allow you to take advantage of their services on demand without any minimum usage requirements. Their commitment to providing a fair service to customers sees them only charging for the time that your invoices remain outstanding, so the sooner your customer pays, the less you'll be charged for the facility. You'll also benefit from the peace of mind of having a pre-agreed, fixed daily rate set upfront, meaning you'll never be faced with unexpected charges or hidden fees.

Compare Catalyst Business Finance and other lenders instantly

Compare Catalyst Business Finance with a huge selection of independent and mainstream lenders today by completing your business profile at In just 3 minutes, we'll be able to match your business with like-minded lenders who understand the financial demands of your industry. You can even make simultaneous applications to multiple lenders, giving you a great chance of securing the most suitable product to help drive your business forward.

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