Capify products and sectors 

Capify has been created to help SMEs access both short and mid-term funding through their range of merchant cash advance and working capital financing options. With a merchant cash advance, businesses that regularly take credit and debit card payments from customers can borrow up to 150% of their average monthly card transactions with flexible repayment terms tailored to cash flow. Each time a card payment is taken, a small percentage will be used to pay off your loan, meaning that your cash flow won't be affected by fixed monthly repayments if you experience a dip in sales. Capify can also provide your business with working capital finance should you need a helping hand taking care of day to day business costs. From staff wages and stock replenishment to premises expansion and utility bills, these multi-purpose loans can be used for almost any business purpose. Capify have a proven track record in financing multiple sectors including recruitment, retail, automotive, agriculture, financial services, transportation and much, much more. 

Capify key benefits

Capify's commitment to delivering outstanding service sees them operating a 24/7 customer support team who are always on hand to help optimise your credit facility. Once 60% of your merchant cash advance has been repaid, you'll be able to top up your funds with additional borrowing, easing any cash flow pressures during seasonal fluctuations in revenue. Their working capital loans are always offered on an unsecured basis, meaning that none of your personal or business assets will ever be at risk.

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