Bibby Financial Services products and services

Bibby Financial Services provides expert financing solutions to businesses across a diverse range of sectors. From agriculture, automotive and distribution to recruitment, haulage and manufacturing, they have helped thousands of businesses to bridge unexpected cash flow gaps through the provision of bespoke invoice discounting, invoice factoring and trade financing solutions. Their flexible approach to lending sees them able to support businesses even with modest turnovers, whilst their specialist corporate and construction departments can help to fund multi-million pound projects. Looking to free up valuable resources by outsourcing your credit control facilities? Bibby Financial Services can take on the demands of credit checking your customers, chasing invoice payments, and even negotiating better payment terms through their reputable invoice factoring services. 

Bibby Financial Services key benefits

Bibby Financial Services is committed to helping the UK industry grow and is one of the few finance partners who will consider start up businesses without homeowner status. As a nationwide provider of these services, they support customers across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as helping companies to access international markets through the funding of import and export trade. 

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