Who are Assetz Capital?

Assetz Capital is an award winning peer to peer lending network with over 8,800 investors ready to help fund your business. Having lent more than £80m to UK companies since launching in 2012, they offer fast and flexible borrowing options to start ups and mature businesses alike.

Assetz Capital products and sectors

Assetz Capital provides tailored working capital financing options to businesses across the country. From bridging cash flow gaps and purchasing new assets to growing your workforce and business premises, they have a proven track record funding a range of sectors including automotive, distribution, property, transportation and much, much more. Assetz Capital are able to accept a number of different securities as part of their lending terms including company or director owned properties, vehicles, stock and machinery, helping you to pick up a fantastic rate on your new loan. You'll also be able to raise significant capital through commercial property financing and development loans. Borrowings can be secured against almost any business property such as an office or warehouse, with no early repayment charges or hidden fees should you settle your account earlier than planned. Need a hand accessing the latest tools and equipments for your business? They also provide a large selection of asset financing solutions including an array of hire purchase, leasing and refinancing agreements. 

Assetz Capital key benefits

Assetz Capital take an open-minded, case by case approach to each application they receive giving them the freedom to consider both new and established companies for finance. Each successful applicant will be allocated a Relationship Director with more than 15 years experience within the lending sector, helping you to get the most from your working capital agreement. With no early repayment charges, transparent upfront fees and flexible payment terms, Assetz Capital are revolutionising the way UK businesses fund growth. 

Compare Assetz Capital and other lenders instantly

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