Business loan calculator

Use our business loan calculator to see how much your could borrow and the cost of the loan.  Understand what your monthly repayments are likely to look like, as well as the total cost including interest. Get the funding you need to power your business.

What do you need the funding for?

Funding to buy or refinance an asset e.g. vehicle, machine or equipment. Usually a deposit is required also.

For how long do you want to pay back your loan?

£ 25,000

Interest rate

Typical business loans to cover costs range from 7% - 16% APR depending on the duration, amount and lender.

Loan breakdown

Loan amount

£ -

Total interest amount

£ - 9% APR over a 3 years

Total repayable

£ -

Total monthly repayment

£ - / month

How does the van finance calculator work?

Our business van finance calculator is designed to help you estimate your monthly repayments so you can understand how much you could afford to borrow. All you need to do is enter the price of the van or vans you’re looking to finance, (less the deposit amount) the estimated interest rate and adjust the length of time you wish to repay the finance. This will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay each month, making it easier to budget for your business needs.


Estimate how much your business can borrow

Check your company credit score eligibility

Calculate monthly repayments for van finance

How much can I borrow to finance a van?

The amount you can borrow will depend on a number of factors, including your business credit score, how long you want the loan for, your business’ cash flow to repay the loan, and of course the size of the van. 

Lenders will assess your ability to repay the loan based on your financial situation, such as your monthly cash flow. After using the van finance calculator, you can start a search for funding with Capitalise to see how much you could be eligible to borrow. We’ll then match you with the lenders and financial products best suited to your business needs. 

Are there different types of van finance?

There are different ways to finance a business van, each fitting various needs. Here’s a simple overview of your options:

Hire Purchase: Pay fixed monthly amounts, and at the end, you own the van.

Finance Lease: Rent the van for a set period. At the end, you can either return it or buy it.

Operating Lease: Similar to a finance lease but usually for a shorter time. You use the van without owning it.

Contract Hire: Rent the van long-term with a fixed monthly fee, often including maintenance and servicing.

How does financing a van work?

Business van finance allows you to get a van for your company, without paying the full price upfront. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find out what your business can afford using the van finance calculator.
  2. Pick a van that fits your business needs.
  3. Apply for van finance. You can do this easily through your Capitalise account. Just complete a funding search and our platform matches you with lenders best suited to your needs.
  4. Apply to up to 4 lenders in one application. At this stage you’ll need to provide some information and documents such as business bank statements.
  5. If approved, you’ll sign a loan agreement outlining the loan amount, interest rate, repayment schedule, and any fees.
  6. Depending on the provider, you’ll either get the van or the money to buy it.
  7. Start making regular payments as agreed, covering the loan and interest.
  8. At the end of the agreement, depending on the terms and type of finance product, you will either:
  • Own the van after the final payment
  • Choose to buy the van
  • Return the van and possibly upgrade
  • Return the van and end the deal.

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What business credit score do I need for van finance?

Generally, a higher business credit score increases your chances of approval for financing, and you will likely be offered better interest rates. However, with business van finance, the loan is secured against the asset you're financing. This reduces the risk to the lender in the worst-case scenario that your business defaults, so some van finance lenders place less emphasis on your business credit score.

Is it hard to get van finance?

If your business has enough cash flow to cover the monthly loan payments, you already have a deposit for the van, and you have a good business credit score, you’ll be in a strong position to get van finance. However it’s important to remember that approval for van finance will depend on the specific lender's requirements. Using a finance marketplace can help you maximise your chances of getting the funding you need by allowing you to apply to multiple lenders, compare options, and find the best solution tailored to your needs

What will my monthly payments look like on van finance?

Your monthly repayments for van finance will depend on the total price of the van, the amount of your deposit, the length of the term and the interest rate. Using our van finance calculator can give you an accurate estimate of your repayments based on these inputs. You can use the calculator to adjust various factors and see how different term lengths or a larger deposit will affect your monthly costs. Typically, choosing a longer term length will result in lower monthly repayments, but it may cost you more overall due to the total interest paid.

Do I need a deposit?

Most lenders will require you to put some sort of deposit down to finance a van. Putting down a larger deposit can reduce your monthly payments and may improve your chances of finance approval.


What will I need to apply?

To apply for van finance, you'll typically need to provide the following information:

  • Details about the van you wish to finance
  • Details about your business (such as what you do)
  • Last financial accounts (if available) 
  • Business bank statements

Lenders will use this information to assess your application, so having this information ready can help to speed up the process.

Frequently asked questions

Business van finance is similar to business car finance. The only significant difference is the vehicle being purchased. The application process and finance options otherwise work very similarly to those of car finance.

You can finance almost any type of van, from a minivan up to a pickup truck. Once you know the type of van you're looking for and have an idea of its cost, simply search for funding with Capitalise. We will match you with lenders that can help finance the van you need. 

Whether you can pay off your van early will depend on the terms of the loan. Some lenders may charge an early repayment fee, so it’s best to check the terms of your agreement before accepting a loan.

Some lenders specialise in providing finance to businesses with bad credit. While the interest rates may be higher, it can be possible to secure van finance.

If you miss a payment, it's important that you contact your lender immediately to discuss your situation. Missing payments can affect your business credit score and may lead to additional fees or repossession of the van in the worst case scenario.