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What Is Hire Purchase?

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hire purchase

Why Use Hire Purchase?

Leasing arrangements that suit your business with the option of full ownership.

Preserve Working Capital 

Rather than outlaying significant amounts of capital to secure your next asset purchase, you'll typically only have to pay a small deposit with the remaining balance of the asset paid over a term tailored to your budget.

Tax Benefits 

Take advantage of the tax benefits that come with hire purchase agreements by offsetting interest repayments against your profits and reclaiming VAT.

Flexible Interest Choices 

Choose from either fixed or variable interest rates depending on your budgeting strategy. With fixed interest payments, you'll know exactly what you'll need to repay each month, or alternatively opt for variable rates which can fluctuate during your contract term.

Lightning Fast Applications 

At Capitalise, we'll match your requirements with suitable hire purchase companies in as little as 3 minutes, leaving you to focus on what matters most – your business.

Who Is Hire Purchase For?

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How Does Hire Purchase Work?

Access key assets to drive your business forwards.

From telephony systems and IT infrastructure to plant machinery and vehicles, hire purchase can be used to fund almost any equipment purchase for your business.

Hire purchase companies will buy the asset on your behalf and calculate monthly repayments based on the initial cost of the asset, projected residual value and interest. The term is usually structured over 1-5 years however some lenders are flexible with these time frames.

At the end of the agreement, you'll have the option to complete the outright purchase of the asset, or simply hand it back to the lender who will sell it on your behalf. In some instances, you may even receive a rebate on your payments depending on the final sale value of the equipment.

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