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What Is Contract Hire?

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Why Use Contract Hire?

Avoid large upfront payments whilst still benefiting from full access to your next company vehicle.

Affordable Monthly Payments

With a huge range of vehicles available, contract hire agreements are tailored to your cash flow to ensure they remain affordable.

Clear And Transparent Pricing

Fixed term rates ensure that you'll know exactly what your monthly payments will be throughout the term of your contract hire agreement, meaning you'll never be caught out with unexpected charges or fees.

Industry Expertise

At Capitalise, we pride ourselves on matching businesses with lenders who have a proven track record in successfully providing vehicle finance to specific sectors, meaning you'll always deal with a partner who understands your business.

Tax Benefits

Offset your monthly contract hire payments against your taxable profits to help drive down your overall tax bill.

Who Is Contract Hire For?

Businesses looking for flexibility. Businesses looking to grow.

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  How Does Contract Hire Work?

Avoid hefty upfront costs and preserve working capital with contract hire.

With contract hire, you'll be able to take control of a vehicle for a pre-determined number of months or years without the burden of full ownership. You'll simply choose the car or van that your business needs and make monthly payments which are agreed in advance with your lender.

The purchase price of the vehicle and the residual value is taken into account when determining your payments, and you'll then be asked to pay the difference between the two, plus interest, each month.

You'll never have to worry about selling the vehicle at a reduced cost further down the line, and can even upgrade to a newer or more suitable model once your agreement ends.

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