Firms of the Future report

The role of an accountant in South Africa has changed dramatically since the introduction of cloud accounting. With access to capital getting harder and the rise of alternative lending, accountants are more important to small businesses than ever.

Many of the trends we're seeing in the UK are being mirrored in South Africa. Check out this report to see how you compare and what to expect. 

Firms of the Future report


Have you stepped into the role of holistic business adviser? 

It goes without saying that the last few years have had a huge impact on how we build and maintain connections, both personally and professionally. The bond between accountants and their clients has changed for the better, emerging from the pandemic stronger than ever before. 

That's why we conducted research on 500 accountants to find out how their client relationships are evolving and the strategies they’re putting in place to build firms for the future.

Find out more on how you compare. Download our Firms of the Future report.