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Outsauce provides fully compliant and scalable invoice financing solutions to recruitment agencies across Britain.

As a recruitment-focused finance partner, they have invested heavily in creating a flexible range of invoice factoring and invoice discounting products which can help both new to market and nationally established agencies to achieve their business goals.

Products & Sectors

Outsauce has been created for recruiters, by recruiters, and brings to market a series of invoice financing products which have been designed specifically for use within this highly competitive sector.

Whether you need to pay staff, settle VAT bills or promote your business through additional marketing, there are a number of growth opportunities which are often inhibited by lengthy, inconvenient payment terms or late invoice repayments.

Their commitment to helping the industry grow from the ground up is reflected by the fact that they can advance up to 100% of your raised invoices whilst offering a full credit control facility, allowing you to focus essential business resources elsewhere.

The support offered by this scalable solution can be adjusted as your business grows, allowing you to bring credit control, risk analysis and payroll generation in-house as you develop internal systems capable of handling these essential processes in a compliant way.

Key Benefits

As a recruitment funding specialist, Outsauce have invested heavily in their online technology known as Resauce. This system allows both new and mature companies to utilise their invoice factoring and invoice discounting services with the click of a button, giving you access to the working capital needed to keep your business running smoothly.

Once accepted for the service, you'll be allocated a single point of contact, opening up a world of specialist advice from an experienced consultant to help you get the most from your invoice financing arrangement.

Compare Outsauce and other lenders instantly

Our online system can help to save you and your business considerable time and money by matching your recruitment agency with lenders who not only understand the unique challenges of this sector, but can offer specialist advice based on their experiences working with companies like yours.

Compare Outsauce against a huge range of finance partners who specialise in funding the recruitment industry by creating your Capitalise profile today and find out how we can help to add value to your ever growing business.

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