ABN AMRO Commercial Finance

At A Glance

ABN AMRO Commercial Finance is a multi-award winning invoice finance and asset finance lending partner.

As part of one of the Netherlands largest and most reputable banks, they've helped to provide funding to businesses of all sizes for more than two decades

Products & Sectors

ABN AMRO Commercial Finance relies on its extensive business and banking background to financially support companies across a range of sectors including agriculture, construction, distribution, leisure, property and beyond.

They can help you to access capital tied up in your raised invoices by advancing up to 90% of their face value within a matter of days.

With invoice factoring, you'll not only be able to raise capital through these invoices, but ABN AMRO Commercial Finance will also undertake all credit control facilities on your behalf, leaving you to focus on growing your business.

Alternatively, you may choose to keep your credit control processes in-house by engaging with their invoice discounting package. You'll be able to advance the same 90% of each invoice, however everything will remain completely confidential since it will still be down to you to chase outstanding payments.

Prefer to raise finance based on other assets? With asset based lending, you can secure borrowing against assets that you already own including plant and machinery, raw materials, finished products and commercial property.

Key Benefits

ABN AMRO Commercial Finance are fully committed to delivering fantastic service to each and every customer. 30% of their existing customer base has been with them for more than 5 years and they employ twice as many specialist staff to look after each client than a typical high street bank.

Each member of their expert credit control team has an average of 7 years experience within the field which means that they can collect invoice payments in lightning quick time – on average 17 days faster than the industry standard.

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