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Top 5 SME focused tech start-ups at The Business Show

Ollie Maitland Nov 21, 2016

Taking a tour around the huge space I came across five new British tech providers worth checking out for your business.        


1. Nimvelo - A self managed phone network

Telephones aren’t dead yet and few people can expect customers dialing them in on Google Hangouts just yet. But also most telcos are pretty backwards from a tech perspective.

Nimvelo works on the internet and lets you add and manage extensions easily. You can buy a bunch of handsets to go with it too.


Nimvelo logo


2. Payl8r.com -  Finance for your customers

Lets face it credit cards are almost going the way of the dinosaurs. With new credit models and ecommerce sitting behind most consumer businesses, Payl8r.com allows you to provide lending on your website.




3. 9spokes - Business intelligence dashboard for ecommerce

Not quite a “British” start-up (they are from New Zealand) but 9spokes gives you an easy way to hook up your systems and get an overview of your business. Much like Geckoboard and LeftTronic but 9spokes seems to be easier to set-up.


9Spokes logo


4. Hubble - Finding sublet office space

In the same way Airbnb has freed up residential office space Hubble does this for office space. A great UI and strong in London.


Hubble logo


5. Crugo - Team collaboration - Slack++

It’s no easy feat taking on a $4 billion start-up such as Slack but Crugo is giving it a shot with team instant messaging and added community features.



Don’t forget to check out Capitalise.com to see what finance options your business might have - there are more out there than you might think!


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