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Invoice Finance for Cash Flow

How invoice finance can boost your business

White Paper in invoice finance
Feb 29

invoice finance frees up capital

Imagine this. . .you're a small business selling furnishings to Tesco.  You have been awarded a large contract to supply trendy pieces over the next two years but you need working capital to buy the necessary materials.  You ask your bank for a traditional loan and they turn you down.  Going to a high street bank may be worth pursuing but it will likely take months and a mountain of paperwork to get an answer.


You could consider an alternative funding product and complete a brief online application, which includes your current or projected sales history with Tesco and information on your current outstanding invoices.  Within minutes, you have multiple invoice finance offers to review.  You pick the one you like best and the money you need is in your account within days.

Download our whitepaper to learn how invoice finance can increase cash flow and maintain stability.

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