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Accountant dashboards have a fresh look

Work smarter and more efficient than ever before

Ollie Maitland Oct 02, 2018

We at Capitalise HQ, Capitaland if you will, are working hard to power up the balance sheet of UK business builders. We believe in a future of more sustainable businesses, supported by experts, built on strong balance sheets. 

To achieve this our product development is heavily driven and designed through the interplay between our existing accounting partners and our product team. 


Product team

Our product team members are selected for their technical prowess and “intimate” knowledge of the UK accounting industry. Rob is ex Chief Product Officer of Futrli and Jack, well - he actually is an accountant, previously at Grant Thornton and Simmons Gainsford. 

This in-house expertise is combined with insight from our partners - who definitely do not hold back. We would like to thank the following for their time on this latest development:  


Latest release: Activity timeline and dashboard. 



The new Dashboard and Activity timeline enables you to scale the service line in your firm without headaches of adding new processes.

The new card layout on the Dashboard shows Capitalise at a glance, with all active funding searches and, in the future, clients who you’ve funded through us.

The new task system consists of an audit trail of events, providing a clear overview of a funding search. This makes informing clients on the progress of a funding search and knowing what action is required next completely effortless.

Watch the demo here. 


Try the dashboard today by clicking below

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