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Use unsecured business finance to raise capital without the need to use assets as collateral.

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What Is Unsecured Business Finance?

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UNSecured Business Finance

Why Use UNSecured Business Finance?

Access the funds you need without tying up assets.

Reduced Risk 

With little or no recourse offered to lenders, you'll be able to take on an unsecured business loan without the stress of putting assets at risk. They can also act as a viable, accessible option for businesses with little or no tangible assets such as those who operate solely online or without an owned premises.

Quick Access To Capital

With no security needed to source these loan types, you'll often find that unsecured loans can be assessed and approved far more quickly than other financing options. Many of our lenders aim to finalise applications within just a few working days.

Affordable Repayments

Each unsecured lender will build your loan around the financial circumstances of your business, ensuring that monthly repayments remain affordable and that you won't be caught out by unexpected fees and interest charges.

Specialist Lenders

We'll only match your business with unsecured lenders who are experienced in providing these loan types to your sector. You'll not only have a higher chance of acceptance, but will be able to draw on their years of experience helping businesses just like yours.

Who Is Unsecured Business Finance For?

Businesses looking for flexibility. Businesses looking to grow.

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How Does Unsecured Business Finance Work?

Unsecured business loans can be used for almost any expense and can be obtained far quicker than many other lending streams.

You'll need to start by completing an online profile at Capitalise and we'll then use this information to match you with unsecured lenders who can offer the funds your business needs. You'll have the opportunity to apply to multiple lenders simultaneously from the same application and, once approved, you'll receive updated notifications direct to your profile.

Your chosen borrowing amount will be transferred directly to your business bank account with all of the monthly repayments clearly stated in advance, leaving you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

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