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Why Use Business Car Finance?

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Business Car Lease

 Why Use Business Car Finance?

Access the vehicles your business needs without the upfront costs.

Affordable Monthly Payments

Our wide selection of hire purchase and contract hire finance partners offer a range of terms to keep your business car lease affordable.

Whether you need a vehicle for a few months to complete a contracted job or wish to spread the full cost of a new car over a number of years, we're confident that we'll be able to find a lender that can satisfy your vehicle requirements and budgeting strategy.

Industry Specialists

Capitalise has partnered with lenders who each bring a wealth of experience providing business vehicle leasing to specific sectors. This invaluable feature means you'll always deal with a finance partner that understands the unique demands of your business.

A Simpler Way To Upgrade

Rather than having to regularly buy and sell company vehicles in order to facilitate upgrades, contract hire gives you the freedom to upgrade your vehicles without the burden of depreciating value.

Who is Business Car Finance For?

Businesses looking for flexibility. Businesses looking to grow.

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How Does Business Car Finance Work?


Choose from an agreement which gives you full vehicle ownership at the end, or simply lease your car for as long as you need it. Either way, you'll have full use of the asset for the duration of the agreement, helping you to continue growing your business.

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase has been designed to help businesses purchase a vehicle for their business by spreading the cost over a pre-determined number of months or years.

Your lender will purchase the vehicle on your behalf and you'll simply need to repay the purchase cost, plus any fees and interest, in affordable monthly instalments.

Contract Hire

Contract hire is a popular business vehicle leasing agreement which allows you to simply lease the car your business needs rather than working towards full ownership.

It's a great option if you find yourself needing to upgrade your vehicle on a regular basis, or if it's only needed for the short to mid term rather than as a long term asset.

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