Recover capital…2021 predictions for R&D Credits

2021 predictions for R&D Credits

For every £1 Recovered through R&D credits, it's estimated that £6 of value is created. With £80billion of untapped credits at HMRC, the opportunity to bring free capital on the balance sheet is huge. A 6x ROI will further drive innovation, jobs and the economy as a whole. However, are you prepared for the changes in the year ahead?

In our third session, Paul Surtees, Capitalise CEO and co-founder, will be joined by Mark Tighe, CEO of Catax, in exploring what 120 new HMRC tax inspectors means for the market, the impact of the new budget, and promoting productivity and investment versus dealing with the cost of the pandemic.

Catax are experts in Capital Allowances, Research & Development (R&D), Remediation of Contaminated Land and the Patent Box. Their expertise in the field of tax relief allows them to maximise client claims by identifying the biggest relief possible.

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