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Case study

New Client Won After Working Capital Funding

One of Hannage’s contacts runs a design agency that had a very successful year and needed to settle a large corporation tax liability. At the same time they were restructuring their team, and management were focusing on new projects.

They needed to efficiently access additional funding for their end-of-year tax bill and did not know who to turn to; they had talked to their High Street bank, who offered a very expensive solution which included onerous guarantees.

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"The ability to access 80+ lenders is hugely powerful."

"Through using Capitalise, no longer is the focus simply on finding funding, but actually building the right sort of funding solutions for clients’ bespoke needs. With so many funders in the market, it is crucial as their trusted advisor to ensure clients get great market visibility and access.“

Chris Clay, PKF

Case Study

Invoice Finance Enables New Hires

Nuvem 9’s client are an IT consultancy that are growing very quickly, especially with some of their larger accounts. These high-value projects require large teams of engineers and project managers to focus for several months on delivering the client’s requirements.

The problem was that these projects’ invoices are only raised several months after the work has begun, resulting in a significant working capital shortfall due to the payroll of the projects’ large teams. 

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