Business health check for your clients

Segment and monitor risks in your client portfolio

Track all your client portfolios in on place. Monitor gives you on-the-go business health reports for your client meetings. 

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Anticipate risks and opportunities in your portfolio
Analyse your client portfolio to get a head start on which clients may need your advisory support
check icon Import your client portfolio
check icon Identify risks and opportunities for each client
check icon Review business credit scores
check icon Tips and conversations to have with clients
Kick start your client meetings
Impress with our Capital Report and get on the front-foot with your conversations.
check icon Perfect proactive piece to impress clients
check icon Powered by cloud data, always readily available
check icon Shareable report to support your conversations
Tips and insights from our Corporate Finance Analysis
Look at your clients, differently. We’ll highlight risks and opportunities so you can shortcut the prep and focus on helping your client.
check icon 30+ checks and ratios on every balance sheet
check icon Review data to optimise clients' balance sheets
check icon Cloud enabled with daily synchronise
Keep track of your clients' bank and credit facilities
See your client through the eyes of a bank manager. Track their bank and credit facilities in a single, easy-to-compare view.
check icon Keep tabs on product renewal dates
check icon Business health and product utilisation alerts
check icon Open Banking enabled - data is refreshed daily


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Help clients build stronger businesses

Some clients need help to keep on track with debt repayments. Other clients could easily improve their business credit rating. Monitor gives you the insight to help them take action. 

Impress in client meetings

Ready made or customised business health reports that are simple to share online or print for any client meeting. Be proactive about your 

Manage your time efficiently

Say bye to admin tasks. We identify funding opportunities so that you and your team don’t have to.  

Embrace paperless and real time future

One platform to manage all your clients’ banks and credit facilities. Centralised. In real time. Paperless.

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