Financing business emergencies


No matter how carefully you plan your business finances, an unforeseen cash flow issue can suddenly make it very difficult to stay on top of regular payments such as staff wages, tax bills and other company outgoings.

Unpaid invoices, delayed orders and unexpected bills can suddenly put the pressure on your working capital, particularly if you're an SME which doesn't yet have the cash reserves to see out a temporary dip in revenue.

The good news is that there are plenty of finance solutions available to UK businesses. Capitalise brings together experienced, industry-specific lenders to help you plug the cash flow gap and keep on top of your daily outgoings.

Read on to learn more about what help is available when it comes to overcoming the cash flow challenges that business around the country face every day.

What Finance Is Available?

The finance market is an ever changing one and lenders are always looking to evolve their products to meet the needs of today's businesses.

If you're struggling to meet your daily outgoings then there are many tried and tested solutions for you to consider which can help to ease the burden of staff wages, supplier invoices and other essential running costs.  

Working Capital Finance

Working capital finance is a fantastic stop gap for businesses that need quick urgent access to capital. You won't need to specify what the money will be used for and so it's an incredibly flexible option if you have several outgoings to take care of.

They are available on both a secured and unsecured basis, meaning that if the creditworthiness of your business is up to scratch then you won't need to put any personal or business collateral down.

Had issues getting credit in the past? You may still be able to pick up a great rate on a working capital loan by using your premises, inventory or almost any other asset of value as added security for your chosen lender.  

Invoice Finance

There's nothing worse than being stuck in financial limbo whilst you're waiting for customer invoices to be paid. Invoice financing allows you to advance up to 95% of your outstanding invoices in as little as 24 hours.

It's a great way to ensure that you're not bound by the speediness of external accounts payable teams, particularly when dealing with larger businesses which tend to operate on longer, non-negotiable payment terms.

If you're an SME invoicing other businesses then consider invoice factoring. These lending partners take things one step further by providing your business with a full credit control service, not only ensuring that you'll receive your payments in a timely fashion, but also that you'll never need to chase up another invoice again. 

Why Capitalise

We have used our extensive experience within this sector to create a platform which intuitively matches your business to suitable lenders.

We understand that balancing all of the incomings and outgoings of a business can be challenging which is why we encourage you to engage with our industry-specific lenders who will be more than happy to share their knowledge with you.

Compare options from more than 70 finance partners and apply online using one straightforward application. You'll only need to enter this information once and can send applications to multiple parties in an effort to source yourself the most competitive deal.

You'll even be able to add accountants and other key decision makers to your Capitalise application hub to help speed up and improve your chances of acceptance.

The initial application takes just a couple of minutes, so click on the funding search button below and match your business with lenders who can help you to quickly plug the cash flow gap.